J’Arrive by Jacques Brel: English Translation

Below is my poetic translation of J’Arrive by Jacques Brel… From chrysanthemums, to chrysanthemums, All of my friends are now departing. From chrysanthemums, to chrysanthemums, Death’s just a footnote my Dulcinea. From chrysanthemums, to chrysanthemums, Other flowers may try in vain. From chrysanthemums, to chrysanthemums, Men can cry but women rain. I’m here! I came!Continue reading “J’Arrive by Jacques Brel: English Translation”

Amsterdam By Jacques Brel: English Translation And Chords

Below is my poetic translation of Amsterdam by Jacques Brel. This translation aims to be more faithful to the original than the versions performed by David Bowie and Scott Walker… Lyrics In the port of Amsterdam there are sailors that sing Of the dreams that haunt them from the coasts of Amsterdam In the portContinue reading “Amsterdam By Jacques Brel: English Translation And Chords”

Jacques Brel – No. 2

This EP was released in May 1956. A side: Qu’Avons-Nous Fait Bonnes Gens Les Pieds Dans Le Ruisseau S’il Te Faut B side: Il Peut Pleuvoir Il Nous Faut Regarder La Bastille Its tracks translate as “What have we done, good people?”, “Standing in the Stream”, “If you have to”, “Let it Rain”, “We NeedContinue reading “Jacques Brel – No. 2”

Jacques Brel – No. 1

In Brel’s first releases, we see a pattern emerging – and the songs on this EP form the blueprints of many themes that emerge throughout Brel’s career, in particular “Grand Jacques” and “Le Diable (Ca Va)”.