Collecting Brel

Collecting Brel is an unofficial English language Jacques Brel archive, dedicated to exploring Jacques Brel’s discography, analysing his lyrics, and contemplating his influence on other artists.

Jacques Brel single cover - Sur La Place, Grand Jacques, Ca Va "Le Diable" and La Haine

The singles

Analysis and commentary on Jacques Brel’s 45rpm singles.

The albums

Analysis and commentary on Jacques Brel’s 33rpm records.

Collecting Brel Album Cover

The translations

Poetic translations of Brel’s work in English.


Brel’s Albums Ranked Worst To Best

Here are my highly subjective thoughts about Brel’s best (and worst) albums! To rank the albums, each track was scored out of 5, and then the total score was divided by the amount of tracks on the album, and a point was taken or added depending on the album’s overall consistency.

The Top 5 Jacques Brel Covers

Jacques Brel is one of the most covered French language singers of all time. In this list are my top five covers of Jacques Brel’s music.