Jacques Brel – No. 11

This 1961 EP is an intriguing mixture of Brel’s classic style of chanson with the Latin-inspired jazz of the song “Clara”, which reflected Brel’s growing popularity in South American countries such as Argentina. “Clara” is an interesting song which revolves around a heartbreak set within the backdrop of Rio’s Carnival, where the narrator laments hisContinue reading “Jacques Brel – No. 11”

Jacques Brel – No. 10

The first track to this 1961 EP was translated (somewhat poorly) as “Seasons in the Sun”. Like most of the translations of Brel’s work, “Seasons in the Sun” takes away Brel’s dark humour and dumbs down the lyrics. The tracks are “The Dying Man (Seasons in the Sun)”, “We Don’t Forget” and “The Drunk”…

Jacques Brel – No. 7

This 1960 EP sold over 500000 copies in half a year and contains Brel’s most covered song which has been translated into English as “If you go Away”. A side: “La Valse À Mille Temps“ “La Tendresse” B side: “Ne Me Quitte Pas” “La Dame Patronesse” These titles translated into English are as follows: “The WaltzContinue reading “Jacques Brel – No. 7”