Jacques Brel – No. 4 (La Valse A Mille Temps)

Brel’s fourth ‘album’, often referred to as “La Valse A Mille Temps”, was released in 1959. It was Brel’s first album to be released after a legendary performance at the Olympia in Paris which brought Brel much critical acclaim.

Brel’s Albums Ranked Worst To Best

Here are my highly subjective thoughts about Brel’s best (and worst) albums! To rank the albums, each track was scored out of 5, and then the total score was divided by the amount of tracks on the album, and a point was taken or added depending on the album’s overall consistency.

Les Singes by Jacques Brel: English Translation

Here’s my poetic translation of the song ‘Les Singes’ from 1961… Before the hairless asses there was liberty, Even the flower and the bird were free. But now they’ve arrived all the plants have been put in pots And the birds are all in cages if they’re not already shot. Because they invented prison andContinue reading “Les Singes by Jacques Brel: English Translation”

Jacques Brel Et Ses Chansons

Overview This is Jacques Brel’s first ‘album’, released on 10″ 33.3 rpm in 1954. The album also goes by the name “1ère Série”. Here we see Brel in his folk-esque phase, which sees him writing highly poetic and political songs – mainly focusing on morality and religion. The lyrics on this first album are dark,Continue reading “Jacques Brel Et Ses Chansons”